Entkomme jedem Escape Room: 7 unschlagbare Ratschläge

Fri, 28 Jun, 2019

Cumulatively our team has played 127 escape games worldwide. It is not without a reason said that to succeed in all of the tasks, one do not require any specific training or knowledge. Escape games are meant to be fun and therefore you do not have to worry about your abilities and skills. However, we have came up with 7 general advices that will help you to avoid any moments where you are in doubt and assist you in making the quest even more enjoyable.

Hol dir die ultimativen Tipps, wie du aus jedem Escape Room ausbrichst und das Spiel gewinnst.

Play with your friends and co-workers

Escape Room is first of all a group activity. And a group we are coming with are better be friends, loved ones, family members or co-workers. Some tasks indeed require several people to be solved, that proves the fact that many heads are always better than one. The key here is team-work and communication. Bring people with whom communication is not a strange thing and enjoy the process of solving riddles at greater speed. 

Pass the lead

Sometimes you will feel stack at a specific task and despite ticking time you will not progress. Our advice will be to hang the task to your team member who can look at it with fresh sight and perhaps new approach. Do not feel embarrassed, better work on another riddle that might be a moment of pause for someone else.


Communication is the key! Always pay attention to all of the sounds that are happening inside the room. Be it a conversation of your colleagues, noises coming from specific corners, sound produced by riddles, comments or hints of game master and specially (many people miss on this one) - storyline of the quest that is announced prior the game. A lot of useful information can be spotted in the last one.

Lerne wertvolle Ratschläge von Experten, um deine Escape Room Fähigkeiten zu verbessern und jedes Rätsel zu lösen.

Shout loudly what you have found

What usually happens inside an escape game? - People spread around the room, solve and try different things out. One might not be aware of what is happening on the other side of the room and in fact miss important findings of his team members. The good practice is to loudly announce if you have spotted something. Maybe it is not important now for you but your friend might notice the connection between your announcement and some item or place inside the quest.

Do not make crowd around one puzzle

Most of escape games are not linear in terms of the scenario, meaning that solving puzzles one by one is not the most efficient way of progressing through the game. Usually your team can tackle several riddles simultaneously that are not dependent on each other. There is no need to surround one puzzle in strive for solution, better spread and work on a few at the same time. Remember to communicate everything you discover to your team!

Erfahre die unschlagbaren Ratschläge, die dir dabei helfen, jeden Escape Room zu meistern und erfolgreich zu entkommen.

Keep keys inside the locks

At nowayout-escape.at we try to minimize the use of padlocks as we believe that technical escape games are more submersive and fun. However, many escape companies still use the old techniques and old puzzles and we will advise you how to deal with them. Our team has been through rooms with dozens keys and locks. Sometimes it is even difficult to keep track of all the keys that you hold at your possession. We highly recommend you to leave the key that you have used inside the same lock, therefore you will not be wasting your precious time on trying it again somewhere else.

Try to skip the last letter or digit

Time management is one of the key skills that you use and henceforth develop when you play an escape quest. There is one useful shortcut that we are going to share with you that can save a couple of minutes during the game. We are all familiar with locks consisting of 4-digit codes. Once your team figured first 3, just cycle the last option and voila - the lock is opened. Similar technique applies to wordlock: if you know most of the letters of the desired word then you can simply guess the remaining! Competition is in human nature. Every team wants to finish faster than previous players. But we always have to remember that the main idea of escape games is to have fun, enjoy the process, submerse into the theme and spend a great time! We hope that our team has helped you with advices to succeed within 60 minutes! Share with your friends if you find this article helpful!