Birthday Escape
Celebrate this special date with awesome party at NoWayOut escape rooms! Gather your friends and we’ll take care of everything else.

We’ve got a special offer to make your party even more awesome! Our games are free of charge for the person celebrating their birthday and we’ll give 10% off for the guests.
Celebrate different with NoWayOut!

Do you find common birthday venues boring? Then try something different! NoWayOut can provide you and your guests with a creative party experience in our escape rooms.

We can organize something special for all ages and make this day truly remarkable.

Let’s make your birthday an unforgettable experience!

To-do list:

• Book your party at NoWayOut and make full payment in advance
• Come at least 15 min earlier
• Have fun with your friends in our awesome escape rooms (60 min)
• Take a half an hour break at our lobby (additional time - 20€ per hour).
• You are allowed to bring food and beverages
• You can finish your party here or play a second room

Please, keep in mind that kids under 12 y.o. should be accompanied by an adult. Children under 16 who want to play our horror rooms with a live actor, should also be accompanied by an adult.

Birthday guy
- 10% OFF
How many friends can I invite to the party?
We’ve got five escape rooms, three of them are suitable for kids under 16. So that means we can accommodate up to 30 adults or 20 kids. Your guests will be divided into small teams so you all will start the adventure simultaneously.
Can I decorate the lobby?
Sure! You are able to create a birthday mood with any goodies you like. Or you can leave this job to us for an additional price. You can use the waiting area for free during the first 30 min after the game (additional time - 20€ per hour).
And what about birthday cake and other food?
Bring as many as you wish! Cake, snacks, beverages - these are definitely allowed. The only thing you should remember is that we do not recommend drinking alcohol before the game.
Are there any age restrictions?
Our birthday parties are perfect for kids and adults! Children under 12 y.o. will require at least one adult in each escape room. If kids under 16 wish to play our horror rooms with a live actor, they should also be accompanied by an adult.
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