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How To Play

Is it true that you are a escape room novice? Thinking about what's in store from a departure game and how to escape the room? Get all the departure room strategies, counsel and tips you need in our tenderfoot's guide beneath…

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Group 2-6 people Together


Book The Room of Your Choice


Arrive 15 Min prior Your Game


Get Trapped inside The Room


Look For The Clues to Solve Riddles


Exit The Room within 60 Min

Fun and easy

Who Can Play In Escape Games

Family & Friends

Our escape rooms are great for gathering with your loved ones and friends. Еscape rooms are great for gathering with your loved ones and friends.


Get an unforgettable experience with NoWayOut Escape Games during your trip.


Looking for an activity to hold a corporate event? NoWayOut offers a great test for your critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills.


Entertainment activity lover? Enjoy playing quests? Try the newest in town.

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Can we come without a booking?

You are always welcome! But we strongly advise you to book in advance to avoid waiting time or even missing a slot to play.

My age is 15 yo. Can I play?

Sure! You are most welcome!

How many people can play one game?

We limit it to the range of 2-6. Common, you will not play by yourself and more than 6 will ruin your overall experience of escape games.

What if I made a booking but can not make it?

We understand that things can come up unexpectedly. No worries, just let us know as soon as you realize that you can not come and we will reschedule your game to any available slot that is suitable for you.

Is it save to play if I have health related problems?

We can not give you a proficient advice on this. Consult your doctor prior coming. Escape rooms is a mix of mental and physical activities sometimes in dark and tiny spaces. People with heart-conditions, physical disabilities, epilepsy, claustrophobia, will find our games difficult or sometimes even impossible to complete. Always keep your health as a priority!

Can I leave the room during the game?

Only if there is an emergency. The entrance door is always your emergency exit door. You will find an emergency button next to the door.

Can I use my digital devices our torch if it is dark inside?

Digital devices, torches, matches, lighters are not allowed inside. If the part of the game is dark then it meant to be so. If light is required - we will give one to you.

How will you guide us if we are stuck in the room?

Our game masters are always there for your assistance. We see you at all the times through surveillance cameras and we also hear you.

How old do I have to be to play an escape game?

Our School of Magic, Da Vinci and Mission Belvedere rooms are suitable for all ages. For children under 10, an accompanying person is required. Children older than 10 can play alone. The Nun and The Unknown are only suitable for children from 14 years and they must be accompanied by an adult. Teenagers of 16 and above are welcome to play on their own.

The number of guests has changed

If there are more or less people, mention it to your game master before the game begins. You only have to pay for people who actually come.

Do I have to pay for the game in advance?

No, you are welcome to reserve and pay at the office with a card or cash.

Can strangers join my game?

No, all our games are private. You always play with your own team.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, you are welcome to leave your belongings in the lockers for free.

Are escape games suitable for pregnant women?

Of course, even pregnant women can play. We can put armchairs into the room at any time.

Are the horror games really scary?

If you want a game without an actor or not so scary, just let us know before it begins. We will adapt the horror level to each group individually.

How can I find you?

We are right in the city center, 5 minutes from St. Stephen's Cathedral. If you know the department store Steffl, we are directly opposite the back exit.