Beat Boredom in Quarantine: The Best 5 Board Games!

Tue, 28 Apr, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has left us all feeling quite helpless in a time of extended self-isolation and quarantine. We understand that constant stress about uncontrolled factors can be detrimental. To counter this, we've assembled an array of captivating escape games for a relaxing time with your loved ones.

Name: Pandemic Escape Room

Players: 2-4

Engage in an immersive experience assuming the role of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) personnel. Join forces with your fellow teammates to invent vaccines for four diverse diseases. Emphasize the value of communication and teamwork to ensure your success in the Escape Room. However, exercise caution, as you may encounter various scenarios with no way out, demanding vigilance throughout your gameplay!

Name: Reign of Cthulhu Escape Game

Players: 2-4

Uncover the true extent of your mental capacity in this challenging escape game. Gear up with your fearless team to face the malevolent Cthulhu and its devoted cult, spreading chaos worldwide.

The impending arrival of the cosmic being signifies potential catastrophic consequences for humanity. Can you find a solution to escape the room and thwart the cosmic entity's menace?

Beat boredom during quarantine with these 5 amazing board games. Enjoy hours of excitement!

Name: Fall of Rome Escape Room

Players: 1-5

Step into an escape room experience and defend the greatest empire against Saxons, Vandals, and Huns. Travel back in time to witness unparalleled military conquests - a must for history enthusiasts and friends.

Recruit allies, fortify strongholds, and play the game of thrones in your attempt to protect the glory of Rome. If you should fail, there might be no way out!

Name: Ravine Escape Game

Players: 3-6

Imagine the scene: against all odds, you have somehow survived a deadly plane crash. What should you do next to ensure that your survival was not just a coincidence? 

The Ravine is a strategic and cooperative escape game that demands teamwork and critical thinking to survive and escape. Be wise in your moves, as each one amplifies the danger and makes finding a way out more challenging. Venture into the ravine at your own risk...

Name: Risk Escape Room

Players: 2-6

The escape room "Risk" takes inspiration from French filmmaker Albert Lamorrise's work in 1957 and has established itself as one of the most prominent and defining escape games in history. In contrast to other escape games that we've discussed, which focus on teamwork and cooperation, "Risk" demands its players to demonstrate individual ruthlessness in the quest for territorial conquest and in defense against rival armies.

A single playthrough can last several hours - perfect for an escape game experience during quarantine!