Spooky Movie Night: Horror Films for Halloween Part 1

Tue, 10 Oct, 2023

The tradition of watching horror movies before Halloween

The dark season is approaching, bringing with it the famous festival of horror - Halloween, the night of terror. In the weeks and days leading up to this eerie event, there is a fascinating tradition, films that must be watched: watching horror movies. These films transport us to a world of the eerie, the supernatural, and the terrifying. But what is the significance of this tradition, and why does it continually enjoy great popularity?

It seems that watching top horror movies before Halloween is a kind of ritual preparation for the festival of chills. The darkness, the cold, and the falling leaves create the perfect atmosphere to hunker down in one's own home and be captivated by the current cinema program. It's not just about adrenaline and thrills but also about sharing fears and horror stories with friends and family.

The Escape Room "The Nun" in Vienna: Your gateway to the eerie world of the popular horror movie "The Nun 2."

The significance of "The Nun" in modern horror film culture

In the world of Halloween film genres, there are some icons that have deeply imprinted themselves in the collective memory of viewers. One of these icons is undoubtedly Valak, the demonic nun from the film The Nun. This film, released in 2018, has taken a remarkable place in modern horror film culture.

The character of the demonic nun Valak has become not only a true horror on the screen but also an icon of terror in pop culture. Her eerie appearance and menacing presence have contributed to The Nun becoming a classic of modern horror cinema.

The eerie power of "The Nun"

Plot and intrigue: How the film captivates the viewer

The best horror movies plot of The Nun takes you to a dark and remote monastery in Romania, haunted by an eerie presence. Sister Irene, the main character, and a priest are sent to investigate the mysterious occurrences. On a Halloween evening, the film skillfully uses elements of the occult and the supernatural to create an atmosphere of fear and tension. You are captivated from the beginning and can hardly resist the fascination of terror.

The director and his vision: The creative force behind the horror

Behind The Nun is director Corin Hardy. With his film reviews and his flair for visual storytelling, as well as his ability to build tension, he has turned the film into a true masterpiece of the horror genre. Hardy understands how to bring darkness and the uncanny to the screen and transport the viewers into a nightmarish world.

Main actors and their roles: Who brings the horror to life?

The main role of Sister Irene is portrayed by the talented Taissa Farmiga, who captivates the audience with her impressive performance. The other cast members also contribute to making the characters come to life and feel authentic. Particularly, Bonnie Aarons as Valak leaves a lasting impression and lends the demonic nun a terrifying presence.

Audience opinions: How was the film received by the audience?

"The Nun" has elicited mixed reactions from the audience. While some praise the intense atmosphere and visual effects, there has also been criticism of certain plot elements. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the film has found a broad fan base, and discussions about its significance in the horror film genre continue.

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"The Nun 2": The horror returns

Introduction: Sequel to the global hit "The Nun"

When is The Nun 2 coming out? The answer is in September 2023. The horror returns to the screen as The Nun 2, a genuine horror film, is finally released. This sequel to the global hit promises once again a journey into the dark world of Valak and her eerie machinations.

1956, France: The film's background and the continuation of the story

The plot of "The Nun 2" begins in 1956 in France, and the story seamlessly connects to the events of the first film. A murder of a priest and the spread of evil once again sound the alarm bells. Sister Irene is once again confronted with the demonic nun Valak, and the danger is greater than ever.

Key information about the film: Director, screenplay, and cast

The direction of The Nun 2 is led by Michael Chaves, who already has experience in the horror genre. The screenplay was written by Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing, and Akela Cooper, ensuring that the story remains dark and gripping. In the cast, familiar faces like Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, and Bonnie Aarons have returned to play their iconic roles. New faces like Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell complement the ensemble.

The encounter with Valak: Sister Irene's encounter with the demonic nun

One of the central elements of "The Nun 2" is the renewed encounter between Sister Irene and Valak. This confrontation promises intense horror and eerie tension as the boundaries between reality and nightmare blur.

Nowayout in Vienna: Experience the horror up close

The "The Nun" Escape Room: A unique experience

For true horror fans, there is a unique opportunity in Vienna to experience the terror from "The Nun" up close. The "The Nun" Escape Room offers an unforgettable and terrifying experience that challenges the brave and plunges them into fear and terror.

The story behind the Escape Room: Face your fears

Behind the "The Nun" Escape Room is a gripping story that takes players on a journey into the dark sewers of Vienna. People disappear without a trace, and eerie sounds echo through the darkness. The city needs heroes to solve the mystery. Are you ready to confront your fears?

Room features: Live actors who teach you to fear

The uniqueness of this Escape Room "The Nun" with live actors lies in the fact that it offers more than just puzzles and secrets. Live actors with their talent intensify the atmosphere and teach you to fear, taking the terror to a whole new level.

An exorcism awaits you: Are you ready for the adventure?

The highlight of this unique experience is undoubtedly the exorcism. Are you brave enough to face this dark challenge? In an environment permeated by the demonic nun Valak, you must summon all your courage and intelligence to escape.

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The best horror films often offer an unforgettable experience. The Nun undeniably has a firm place in this category, and The Nun 2 continues this dark tradition. With a gripping plot, impressive performers, and a unique escape room experience, this film makes the hearts of fans race. The horror returns, and the demonic nun Valak will once again cause sleepless nights. So, if you dare, immerse yourself in the world of The Nun and experience the terror up close.


Why watch "The Nun 2" and immerse yourself in Valak's world?

"The Nun 2" offers thrills and a gripping continuation of Valak's story. Viewers will experience an intense showdown between Sister Irene and the demonic nun in a chilling horror film.

Are there films and media inspired by "The Nun"?

Yes, "The Nun" has inspired other horror films and media, such as "Annabelle" and "The Curse of La Llorona," which are part of the Conjuring Universe.

How to obtain tickets for the "The Nun" Escape Room in Vienna?

Tickets for the "The Nun" Escape Room can be purchased online on the official website or through authorized ticket platforms. We recommend booking in advance, especially during the Halloween season. Please check availability and booking conditions.