The Ultimate Escape Room Guide: Tips for Success!

Wed, 06 May, 2020

Enjoy your Escape Game your way, but some want the smoothest experience. This means breaking room records and overcoming obstacles with as little time and effort as possible. Prepare for an enjoyable challenge as these tips and tactics transform your group into a dream team!

The key to success is staying reasonable in the room!

Should you encounter a specific room area demanding considerable effort or brute force, rest assured that it's best left untouched!

The designers carefully craft all props and puzzles related to the narrative to be user-friendly and consider time management. It's better to steer clear, as it can save you an unnecessary repair bill!

Become an escape room pro with these insider tips. Elevate your fun and conquer the puzzles!

Focus on What Needs to Be Solved

Within an escape room, there is a lot happening. Amidst the confinement and prop-filled space, it's easy to forget the actual puzzles that need solving. Within each room, you will typically face one or two puzzles that require solving in stages. Locate external components before completing the puzzle.

Your team leader should create a simple sorting system with a "used" and "unused" category to expedite the process!


Good communication is like the key to ace an escape game team-building exercise.

It only takes one person out of sync, attempting to solve completed puzzles, to throw off the group's composed rhythm.

Don't hesitate to proudly share your discoveries with the group! If you're someone who struggles with shyness, now is the perfect time to discover your inner confidence and problem-solving abilities!

Lose Yourself to Immersion!

The exceptional production of modern escape rooms creates an immersive atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in the fun.

Your game master initiates the team-building activity by establishing a lively atmosphere. Following this, they introduce the room's theme and deliver helpful hints and context, all prepared for the thrilling 60 minutes ahead. Even if silly costumes and props are handed out, we strongly recommend throwing caution to the wind and fully embracing it! That will undoubtedly enhance your experience!