Avoid These Mistakes: Things NOT to Do in an Escape Room!

Thu, 16 Jan, 2020

We want your Escape Game to be fun and memorable. No burden of bureaucratic rules and regulations. Don't worry; rest assured, using common sense is enough to make the most of your day without crossing unwanted boundaries. Here are all the things you shouldn't do in an escape room!

If it says, "Do Not Touch"... Don't touch!

Escape rooms and immersion go hand in hand. Players want to feel 'transported' to another world for an hour. Trying out different themes to experience the feeling of visiting several unique worlds. Therefore, plastering 'Do Not Touch' signs all over the rooms is harmful to the overall immersive experience.

Steer Clear of These Errors in Your Escape Room Adventure!

Instead, the game master will inform each group about what you can touch and what not before the doors are closed. If you're unsure about a specific object, just leave it untouched.

Do not mess with the setup and objects

In the previous point, we mentioned the atmospheric and immersive environment that escape room designers can create. They do this by placing high-quality objects, furniture, and ornaments often specially designed to relate to each room's theme.

To complete a game, no form of violence is ever applied. So, if something seems firmly fixed in place when you touch it, move on! The worst thing you can do is roughly tear at it, hoping it's part of the narrative. We can assure you it's not!

Do not use your phone!

This may be uncomfortable, but phones are unnecessary in an escape room. We understand how attached you are to your gadgets, but worry not! You'll have the chance to keep your phones safe before the game starts.

Unleash your inner detective - Can you solve the mysteries in our escape rooms?

Maximize your gaming enjoyment with this essential rule! Stay engaged, embrace the moment, and avoid disruptive LED flashlights that ruin the room's ambiance.

Do not take "souvenirs" from the rooms...

Get ready for an extraordinary day filled with memories to treasure forever! Just a friendly reminder, though, resist the temptation to take any ""souvenirs"" from the room. Each of the various objects in the room serves a purpose. Either it supports the immersion in the story in a decorative sense, or it is an integral part of the story, so they must remain in their rooms at all times.

We understand that it may be tempting, but it only leads to massive headaches for our wonderful game masters!