Escape Room Disappointments: 5 Warning Signs!

Thu, 25 Jun, 2020

The reason Escape Rooms offer such a variety of themes and difficulty levels is to appeal to a broad audience. In other words, they are subjective. Your personal preference may differ from that of your friend or sibling, and that's okay.

Choosing an Escape Room that aligns with your personal preferences is a surefire way to guarantee a great experience. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

To dodge any letdowns, we've spotted five red flags you should keep an eye on when you're booking. It's all about keeping the fun in your game! It's best to steer clear if you come across any of the following signs!

1. Unanswered Calls

If you've encountered one or two unanswered calls, don't worry. There might be a reasonable explanation. The staff is currently busy with customers, but they'll definitely get back to you soon. Oh, and by the way, you might have called during a super bustling period!

But hey, if the phone stays unanswered for a while, that's when you should start worrying. In that case, we recommend moving on and finding another Escape Room provider.

Discover five warning signs of potential disappointments in escape rooms. Stay prepared for a thrilling experience!

2. Website Raises More Questions Than Answers

A company's website is a good reflection of the company itself. If you discover crucial information missing, like prices, contact details, or product images, your experience with the venue won't improve. And hey, if the website looks all old-fashioned and outdated, you might end up facing the same situation.

3. Staff Shortage

Game masters and support staff play a crucial role in your experience. They're really good at what they do and make sure you stay safe and happy throughout the whole game. They keep a watchful eye on you from the control room.

4. Confused Reviews

Review aggregators like Yelp or TripAdvisor are a great way to get an accurate overview before making a booking decision. Let's be real, most Escape Room companies love flaunting their website reviews, and guess what? They're usually all praises. But if you want the whole story, it's time to broaden your horizons and look elsewhere.

When it comes to reviews, distinguishing fact from fiction is relatively easy. Beware of those that are vague, contain exaggerations without specific details, or come from reports with randomly generated usernames.

5. No Private Booking Option

Certain Escape Room providers opt to run games only when fully booked. If your group size doesn't match the room's capacity, we'll team you up with strangers to complete the adventure together. This benefits the company and no one else.

Teaming up with strangers can be uncomfortable or awkward. Some are fine with it, but most Escape Room players want to spend an hour with their friends!