Kids & Escape Rooms: Essential Tips!

Tue, 24 Mar, 2020

Involving children into your escape room adventure necessitates adherence to a set of specific rules and guidelines throughout the game's duration. These remain consistent across various companies and are essential for an optimal Escape Game experience. Here, we offer you our expert recommendations to maximize your escape room adventure.

Age Limit: 

Ensuring a prior check on the age limit is of prime importance. The disappointment of an unanticipated age restriction causing the inability for unsupervised participation of children has been experienced by many.

Age Recommendations: 

Most rooms also come with suggested age limits, relating to the complexity and maturity level of the room's content. For instance, rooms recommended for ages 15 and up may pose considerable difficulty or potentially disturbing elements for younger participants.

Bathroom Breaks: 

The freedom to exit the room whenever needed is available, providing convenience for the little ones in case of biological needs. Nonetheless, we highly recommend meeting these requirements before the game starts to avoid wasting precious time during your 60-minute escape adventure.

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Children's Involvement: 

In some escape rooms, the puzzles are crafted in a way that only adults can solve them. If you encounter a challenging puzzle, try solving it yourself before allowing the children to give it a shot. Make this a learning experience for them by guiding them through the process.


Young children, especially those going through the adventurous adolescent phase, may become overly excited and handle the game props roughly. These props, often bespoke and fragile, could be costly to replace. It is important to supervise the children and ensure they don't get too rough.

Emphasis on Fun: 

If you did not manage to escape in time, it's not the end of the world! Emphasize the importance of enjoying the game to your children. An incomplete game is not indicative of failure.

Creating Memories: 

Participating in a new challenge and creating memories should be the ultimate aim of this exercise. After the game, it's a good idea to talk and share your experiences and the fun you had with everyone.

By adhering to these tips, you can ensure a fun, engaging, and memorable escape room experience for your children.