Mind-Bending Escape Room Puzzles: Part 2

Thu, 16 Apr, 2020

Welcome to Part 2 of our comprehensive guide! Don't miss the first five features of 'Confusing Escape Room Puzzles'; check Part 1 now!

Let's continue where we left off...

1. Hidden clues behind pictures and paintings

This classic is a common element in popular heist movies, providing players with the sensation of being deeply engaged in a real heist! There's nothing quite like discovering a seemingly innocent painting concealing a secret compartment or a hidden message!

Disclaimer: This feature requires players to physically interact with and manipulate the decorations in the room. Only do so if your game master explicitly permits!

2. Miniature clues!

At times, specific puzzles are perfectly suited to complement a particular theme. Miniature clues and puzzles are an ideal fit for escape rooms with detective themes! Imagine adults searching the room with magnifying glasses, resembling real-life Sherlock Holmes characters! They excellently encourage players to fully interact with their environment, and including props always adds to the fun!

Become the master of mystery in Escape Room Part 2. Delve into mind-bending puzzles and test your skills in this captivating adventure.

3. Secret doors or trapdoors

Escape room novices typically think it's just one room, which makes sense given the concept. However, adding hidden doors dramatically enhances the experience when they suddenly open, revealing separate rooms with even more puzzles and surprises! Cleverly concealed within bookshelves, disguised as wall sconces, or in ingenious ways, the latch adds to the excitement!

4. Arithmetic puzzles...

Okay, okay... we know math and arithmetic aren't everyone's favorite. But that's precisely why it's essential to diversify when organizing your escape room group! 

Arithmetic puzzles are absolutely thrilling! Law of averages predicts someone will enjoy arithmetic puzzles. These puzzles can range from basic algebra to advanced trigonometry - who knows what challenges await!

5. Code-based puzzles

Unlocking codes and ciphers is no easy feat. These puzzles demand sharp attention and skill, making them a thrilling and popular element.

Before venturing into your next escape room, consider refreshing your knowledge of various code-based systems! You're likely to encounter popular codes such as Braille, Indexing, Binary code, and, of course, Morse code!