The worst habits of Escape Room players

Tue, 04 Feb, 2020

Regardless of your skills, Escape Room newcomers and veterans are guilty of certain bad behaviors - we've seen it all! To enhance your game and steer clear of common pitfalls, avoid these bad habits during your Escape Game experience!

Overeager Puzzle Solvers

It's great to see a group of enthusiastic players ready to take on their Escape Room experience. Players rush to solve the first puzzle without searching the room properly due to excitement.

Play the room as you wish, but avoid being overeager and giving in to temptation. It may cause you to miss crucial clues for progress. A full hour should be more than enough time to complete the room. Try organizing the clues before diving into the first puzzle you see!

Avoid Worst Escape Room Habits for Thrilling Fun!

Not deviating from the first solution

It's completely normal for certain puzzles to require multiple attempts at solving. You should definitely try the first solution a few times to make sure. But if your first solution doesn't yield results, the problem lies with your solution - not the puzzle!

Some players find themselves stuck and assume the puzzle is flawed or not working correctly. Save yourself the embarrassment by trying a different solution before complaining to the game masters!

The Lone Wolf

We believe that each of us has a hint of Sherlock Holmes, especially during an Escape Room situation. Here, 'The Art of Deduction' is more crucial than ever. 

Don't forget that escape rooms are team games, so remember to share information and involve teammates during the hour. After all, Sherlock often confided in his loyal partner, Dr. Watson! Even the best of us sometimes need help!

Greedy Puzzle Solvers

If you can't solve a puzzle, let your teammates give it a try. There's nothing worse than a greedy puzzle solver who won't give up until they get it right. Their teammates stand around twiddling their thumbs. Determination is admirable, but there's a time and place for it!