Top 5 Qualities of an Exceptional Escape Room!

Tue, 31 Mar, 2020

The concept of an Escape Room remains consistent regardless of the company, city, or country. However, the unique attributes that each room offers set them apart from one another. We have compiled a list of what we believe are the most important criteria that the best Escape Rooms have! Does one of your local Escape Rooms have any of these criteria?

High-Quality Decor for an Immersive Experience

People choose Escape Games for the overall experience. Their desire is to have fun in an environment that authentically reflects a world different from ours. The experience of crossing the threshold should truly feel like stepping through a portal into another world.

This is where high-quality decor comes into play. The decorations, props, and furnishings should express the room's theme in an entertaining and, above all, immersive way!

Discover what makes an escape room experience truly unforgettable! Explore the five key elements that epitomize the best in escape room gaming!

Puzzle Variations

Escape Rooms need puzzle diversity. Locking people in a small space for an hour isn't too fun. But having lots of different puzzles to solve makes it better!

In this context, engagement and entertainment play a pivotal role. By integrating a diverse array of mini-games, codes, ciphers, locks, puzzles, and object hunts, the experience becomes truly captivating.

Connected Clues

A good Escape Room's narrative flows seamlessly throughout the hour, creating an organic experience similar to a movie plot. No disjointed or awkward moments, with clues coming untimely or forcing backward movement.

Constantly Promotes Teamwork

Escape Rooms quickly become the most sought-after activity for team building - and for good reason! Escape Games are best conquered as a team; going solo without hints can be quite challenging. Rooms that go beyond mere teamwork are usually the most popular and effective!

Gadgets & Electronics are a Bonus!

While this is definitely not a necessity, high-tech devices can add an extra layer of fun to the experience.  Faces light up with joy and surprise when people realize the company exceeds their expectations.