Unlocking the Enigma: The Allure of Horror Escapes

Thu, 18 Jul, 2019

The popularity of escape games has steadily increased since their initial entry into the market. The excitement continues with new rooms and endless themes every year.

Players utilize their skills and attempt to escape the room: horror, fantasy, history, or action - the themes are endless.

However, there is one theme that stands out from the rest - horror escape games.

Feel the thrill of horror escape games in Vienna - step into a realm of suspense, solve puzzles, and unleash your inner detective!

We love horror escape games. Why? People love the adrenaline rush. Horror gives us a surge of dopamine and adrenaline that thrill-seekers can't get enough of.

Horror escape games in Vienna can provide the same feeling as many adrenaline activities, including skydiving, rafting, or bungee jumping. Players heighten their emotions as they immerse themselves in a seemingly separate world from reality. 

Keep in mind that even though no harm befalls you, you still sense a potential danger. Exciting, isn't it?

Horror movies give us strong feelings without any actual consequences, says Malcolm Turvey, who leads the Film and Media Studies program. This way, you can enjoy the sensation.'

Embrace the excitement of horror escape games in Vienna - enter a world of suspense, solve puzzles, and unleash your inner detective!

Turvey further detailed: 'There is a wealth of evidence that teenagers enjoy watching horror movies, both young women and young men.'

Recently, the 2019 psychological horror mystery film titled 'Escape Room' grossed an incredible $155 million. If that doesn't speak to the popularity, what will? People simply love them. Now you can experience your own cinematic adventure in an escape room in Vienna.