Avoid Complicating Escape Room: Top Tips for the Adventure

Thu, 14 Nov, 2019

Throughout the years, we've observed varied outcomes when it comes to successfully escaping an escape room. It remains uncertain whether a group will encounter initial difficulties or rise to the challenge splendidly. Nonetheless, it is evident that most accomplished groups typically adhere to a similar pattern.

We have compiled a compendium of the finest pointers for an escape room. It is intended for those who relish the thrill of the escape game and seek to unravel the secret to triumph.

With this guidance, you and your group can have the best possible chance of a triumphant escape experience!

Maintain composure

When locked inside the room, players - especially novices - often feel overwhelmed or uncertain about where to begin. Experiencing this sentiment particularly in non-linear rooms. Rest assured, feeling a heightened sense of pressure and initial panic is entirely natural.

It's imperative to bear in mind that experiencing such emotions is entirely ordinary! Take a moment to compose yourselves, then plunge into the tasks that seize your attention. From that point onward, everything will progress swiftly!

Strategize in advance

Though it may appear mundane, formulating a plan beforehand constitutes the most effective means of completing the room in record time. Consider assigning specific roles within your group, thereby ensuring that each facet, such as locating keys, objects, and clues, is duly addressed. By doing so, you'll minimize time wastage in identifying who discovered what.

Avoid overthinking

Escape Rooms boast an exquisite amalgamation of cerebral challenges and uncomplicated puzzles that necessitate minimal exertion. They are tailored to avert underestimation of one's own abilities or those of fellow participants. Keep this in consideration while situated within the confines of the room. As on certain occasions, the resolution may be conspicuously evident.

Seek guidance sparingly

Should you find yourself truly perplexed as to the subsequent course of action, feel free to request assistance from the game master! The game master perpetually monitors your progress from the control room and stands ready to aid you when faced with arduous predicaments. They possess extensive expertise and are well-acquainted with ALL the pointers for an escape room! 

Witnessing a group making headway is among the manifold advantages of this vocation. Hence, should you encounter an impasse, rest assured that the game master shares in your ennui!