DIY Escape Room Fun: Explore the Top 10 Puzzles!

Tue, 21 Apr, 2020

Are you thinking of creating your own escape game on a budget?

Here are ten amazing puzzle ideas that won't break the bank and are super easy to set up on your own!

1. Hidden Objects

Object hunts are extremely common in Escape Rooms, and almost every game will have its own variation. All you need to do is hide a key object somewhere out of sight, and voila! You have your object hunt!

2. Jigsaw Puzzle Messages

Consider the overall difficulty of your room and choose a puzzle accordingly, as puzzles can vary greatly in difficulty. Once decided, write a message, code, or clue on the back and mix up the puzzle pieces!

3. Blacklight Messages

Nowadays, blacklight is synonymous with escape rooms due to its effectiveness, simplicity, and popularity. To make it work, you need two things: a blacklight (UV-A light) and invisible ink (lemon juice & water). The hidden ink pops up when you shine a blacklight on it!

4. Magnets!

Use a magnet to draw a magnetic object that is just out of reach, allowing you to move through the room. This puzzle type has everything: locks, keys, wedding rings, and even mysterious metal lumps!

Challenge your mind with our top 10 DIY escape room puzzles! Test yourself and friends with intricate challenges, unlocking the excitement within.

5. Laser Labyrinth

Throughout heist movies, the main character skillfully evades laser detection systems with acrobatic finesse, a scene witnessed countless times. Swap lasers with strings and the alarm with ringing bells activated by string movement. Always remember that a great escape room doesn't always need the best technology!

6. Padlock & Scissors Combinations

Seeing scissors tied to a padlock means they'll be important in the room later. The key is either hidden or given as a reward for solving another puzzle.

7. Concealing Things Inside a Safe

A locked safe can only mean one thing: something important lies within! They fit well into a broader narrative, utilizing codes or parts of codes from other puzzles for this purpose. To complete this puzzle, you'll need a small combination safe, which is readily available online at an affordable price.

8. Paper Labyrinth

Get a large piece of paper and create your own hand-drawn labyrinth! You are in control of the puzzle's intricacy – it's entirely up to you! However, it's essential to have a written solution available for players if they find themselves stuck.

9. DIY Cryptex

Create an intriguing puzzle by stacking a bunch of paper cups on top of each other. Use a pen to write a message on one side, ensuring it's in a single line. Fill the remaining cups with a combination of random letters and symbols to add complexity to the challenge.

By rotating and aligning each cup correctly, the cipher will eventually become visible!

10. Avoiding Landmines

With nothing but the instructions of their teammates, players take turns crossing a "minefield" blindfolded. Easy, right? This childhood fave is the ideal DIY puzzle, requiring teamwork and communication from each group member!