Escape Games: Expectations vs. Reality

Tue, 12 May, 2020

The concept of an Escape Room is riddled (pun intended) with myths and misconceptions from those who have never experienced a game themselves. We are here to set things straight and give you an overview of some common assumptions. Let's take a look, shall we?

1. Difficulty Level

Expectation: It will be too difficult!

Reality: Teams have only 60 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles - so you can certainly expect a challenge! To prevent players from getting too frustrated in an advanced room, we also assign specific difficulty levels to the rooms. You are free to choose which room to play, but starting with the easiest one would be wise.

That way, everyone has the opportunity to get familiar with the concept before delving into the super tricky stuff!

2. Indoor Activities

Expectation: They are only good when the weather is bad!

Picture this: Dubai's weather is a blessing for the majority of the year, treating us to fantastic days. But when the scorching summer heat arrives, it's time to retreat into the cool comforts of air-conditioned sanctuaries! Escape Games are super fun indoors, but you can play them anytime, not just on bad weather days! For birthdays, team-building, corporate events, or fun with friends and family - always a good excuse to visit one!

Get a new perspective on Escape Games. Expectations vs. reality - we've got it all uncovered for your ultimate gaming experience!

3. Age Restriction

Expectation: They are not suitable for kids!

Reality: It's true that certain aspects of Escape Rooms might be too challenging for kids to tackle on their own. Even if they can't handle all aspects, they can still participate, enjoy props, and immerse in the fun atmosphere!

Different places have different rules about age, and usually, kids under 12 need an adult with them. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

4. Tight Spaces

Expectation: It's too claustrophobic!

Experience true immersion! The doors are "locked" to make you feel trapped, adding to the thrill without any real confinement. 

At any point, if you feel uncomfortable, just inform the game master, and they'll promptly let you out! There are also multiple rooms with plenty of space to move around. You can freely navigate the room without bumping into furniture or squeezing past your teammates!